Cocktail party strolling

Entertain all your guests—one-on-one or in small groups—with Neil's unique ability to read their palms, their tarot cards, and even their minds! He truly lets you offer something for everyone, and his sophisticated manner means he can mingle and fit in with nearly anyone, anywhere.

Feature performances

Give your event the focus of an interactive show that involves the whole room at once. When the Necromancer is in the house, thoughts will be read, minds will be influenced, laughs will be shared, and the spirits might even make a surprising appearance! Most after-dinner shows last 45 minutes to one hour. Full-fledged theatre shows like Supernatural Chicago can run up to 90 minutes.

Orchestra appearances

Get to know a new classic. 80 years ago, Prokofiev gave the world Peter and the Wolf—and now Neil Tobin, Necromancer has given the narration a darkly funny and magical twist for modern audiences with Peter and the Werewolf! Hear it for yourself or bring it to your orchestra.